“Great local restaurants within walking distance”

Placencia has some of the best restaurants in Belize featuring Belizean/Creole fare, American and European cuisine. 

Belizean Beach Cuisine – The best and most popular restaurants providing good Belizean and Creole food are D’Tatch, Barefoot and Cozy Corner on the beach- all just a short walk from the villa

Mariposa restaurant and hotel - if eating at the restaurant you can swim in the pool!

Mojo Lounge - ecclectic menu of international fare with a creole twist. Amazing seafood!

La Dolce Vita (close to the airstrip at Los Porticos condos) has a rounded Italian menu and wines. Italian owner/Chef Simone makes mozerella from scratch and smokes his own pancetta!

If, like many guests, you want to enjoy good food in the elegant setting of Three Iguanas Villa - call these restaurants to arrange take-out.

Nobody should leave Placencia without sampling the excellent Italian gelato ice-cream at ‘Gelateria Tutti-Frutti’. The Shak, at the south tip of the peninsula has delicious smoothies and good breakfast. Great smoothies can also be found at Brewed Awakenings on the main road - be sure to try a seaweed shake - a local delicacy, grown by our very own Placencia seaweed farmers.

Buy fresh fish and lobster (in season) at the Fishermen’s Cooperative at the village’s south tip.

Nightlife in Placencia is very casual like everything else in the village. Barefoot Beach Bar is our favourite bar!! Live music on numerous nights.

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